WARN Winches You’ll Want to Buy – Review and Buying Guide

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Warn is a market leader when it comes to winch manufacturing. It’s easy to see why. There’s a wide range of products to choose from, the quality doesn’t disappoint, and the prices can be affordable. Finding the best Warn winch for your vehicle should be a piece of cake.

What you have to understand is that when you’re looking for a Warn winch, you’ll spend quite a bit of time browsing because the manufacturer has an incredibly wide range of products. Obviously, I can’t talk about them all because this article would turn into a novel. I’m guessing you aren’t in the mood for that when all you need is a winch.

However, what I can do is talk about the most popular winch series made by Warn. That way, you get a head start on your way to choosing the best winch that can get you out of any pickle.

I’m going to start small and talk about the Handheld Portable Drill Winches from Warn. The pulling capacity for a Warn winch in this Series is not very high. In fact, the models can only pull 500 and 750 lbs.

If you’re not familiar with how a handheld winch works, know that they can be operated using a regular drill. Whether the drill is corded or works on batteries, it makes no difference. However, if you use a portable drill, the bigger the battery (in terms of amps), the better. It depends on what you want to use the winch for. If you’re going to use it for an extended period, that time is limited by the battery’s autonomy.

The Warn portable handheld winches come with steel rope. Depending on the model, you can get 30 or 40 feet of line. To be more specific, the 500-lbs model has 30 feet of wire, while the 750-lbs models have 40 feet.

The hook and clasp are always included. The whole point was for you to buy a winch and use it right away. There is no need to purchase other accessories.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you have a bigger budget at your disposal, you can opt for synthetic rope for the winch that has a capacity of 750 lbs. It is more durable, more lightweight, and you won’t have as many issues with the handling.

The roller fairlead is included in your package. When you opt for the synthetic cable, the roller fairlead is, again, included.

Overall, the handheld portable winches from Warn are potent little things. They are ideal for small-time jobs like pulling something onto a trailer or dragging logs.

A popular series from Warn is represented by the VR winches. The VR-8, the VR-10, and the VR-12. They are not the cheapest options when it comes to electric winches, but Warn is known for its high-quality products, and that applies to the VR series as well.

When it comes to the pulling capacity, the VR series is capable of handling 8000, 10000, and 12000 lbs, depending on the model. The Warn VR 12, for instance, can pull up to 12 thousand pounds. You’ll notice how the number that comes after ‘VR’ represents the pulling capacity.

All Warn inches in the VR series use the same potent motor. I’m talking about a series wound, 12V DC motor. Add that to the 3-stage planetary gear train, and you’ve got yourself a durable and reliable system that is built to last. Not to mention that it will get you out from virtually any pickle you may find yourself in.

Another similarity between the three models is the brake system. All of them are equipped with an automatic direct drive cone that is capable of holding full-rated loads. That would give you a lot of control when powering in and out.

As for the drum diameter and length, all VR series models have a length of 9 inches and a diameter of 2.5 inches, except the VR 10S and the VR 12-S. These two have a slightly larger diameter of 2.625 inches. Negligible, I know, but worth mentioning, nonetheless.

You may be wondering what rope options you have if you want to purchase a Warn from VR series. It’s pretty simple to figure it out. If the model name includes an ‘S’ after VR, then we’re talking about synthetic rope. If not, it’s steel.

The length and the diameter of the rope depend on its construction, but you have options between 80 and 94 feet.

All VR models include a fairlead, and they have a powder coat over the primer undercoating for a perfect finish. You need a battery of a minimum of 650 CCA for winching. Other than that, the VR series includes some of the best Warn winches you can look for. You can use them for heavy loads, and they can fit almost all trucks.

The 2000 series from Warn is represented by small electric winches. They are autonomous, so there is no need for another source of power. Basically, it runs on its own. You don’t need to hook it up to your car’s battery or to a drill.

In terms of pulling power, a 2000 series Warn winch is not incredibly strong. You have the DC4000, which can pull up to 4000 pounds, and the DC2000, which can only pull 2000 pounds. Even so, for light-duty jobs, either one of them will be your little helper.

Both products I mentioned above have a powerful permanent magnet DC motor. However, unlike the DC2000, which is a 1.6 horsepower motor, the DC4000 has 1.9. That additional strength is supposed to support the other 1000 pounds.

Now, what’s great about permanent magnet motors is that they are more lightweight, smaller, and more efficient. They are more expensive too, but in the long run, you’ll see it’s worth it.

The rope on both models is made of steel. That brings more weight to the equation, but the models are already lightweight because of their size. As for length, the DC2000 provides 35 feet of wire, while the DC4000 comes with 43 feet.

The 3-stage planetary gear train delivers an outstanding duty cycle. The motor is strong and durable. You should have no issues in using it on trailers or hitch mounts. And the 12-volt battery provides enough autonomy so that the winch doesn’t let up exactly when you need it.

One of the best things about the Warn DC series winches is their size. It’s lightweight and compact so that you can use your winch in the tightest spots.

Overall, the Warn DC series should not disappoint. The winches are indeed small but capable. The hook and the clasp are included in the price, which is not that high, to begin with. I think that if you try the DC4000 or the DC2000, you’ll be happy with what it can do.

The VRX series winches from Warn focus on ATVs and UTVs. So, if you’re looking for a reliable winch for your ATV/UTV, one of the products in the VRX series will do the job. Surely, you are bound to find the one that fits your vehicle.

The Warn VRX series has 3 different products. You have the VRX 25, the VRX 35, and the VRX 45. As you can imagine, the number after the VRX refers to the pulling capacity. The first has a pulling capacity of 2500 lbs, the second of 3500, while the last one can pull up to 4500 lbs.

As to which one goes to what vehicle, the Warn VRX 25 best fits a smaller ATV. The Warn VRX 35 is suitable for small ATVs or UTVs, while the Warn VRX 45 can easily handle a 4-seat UTV.

As for the rope, each of the models I presented above come with both synthetic and steel rope. The choice of yours. Needless to say, the models that come equipped with synthetic rope are more expensive. But no matter which type of rope you opt for, you’ll get 50 feet. The roller fairlead (or the hawse fairlead for the synthetic rope) is included in the package.

One of the best things about the Warn VRX series winches is that they are all waterproof. With an IP68-rated waterproof sealing, the winches can function correctly completely submerged as long as the depth of the water doesn’t exceed 3 meters.

All the models in this series come with a handlebar-mounted rocker switch, except for the VRX 45, which has a dash-mounted control switch. The corded remote control on this particular model allows you to control the winch with ease.

Lastly, the VRX winches from Warn are all made of metal, which makes them durable. The black powder-coated finish ensures resistance against corrosion. Plus, the all-metal three-stage planetary gear train provides smooth and reliable operation, and the load-holding mechanical brake delivers fantastic control.

The bottom line is that if you want to hook up a winch to your ATV or UTV, one of the winches from Warn VRX series should do an excellent job.

Through the PullzAll Series, Warn brings another set of excellent electric winches that can be incredibly useful around the house. They do not offer significant pulling capacity, with only 1000 lbs for all models, but it’s more than enough when you need a helping hand.

The PullzAll Series comes forward with 5 models you can choose from, depending on the mobility you need. Two of them are cordless, so you can use them wherever there is no available electricity. At the same time, three of them are corded, and you need an extension cord.

Now, from the three corded models, two of them support AC 120V/230V, while the other one works on AC 110V/230V. The models that work on batteries are pretty much the same thing, except that one has a camouflage finish.

It’s also worth mentioning that the PullzAll models that are battery-powered come with a set of two rechargeable NiMH batteries with fast charging. If you are out there in the field and you need quite a bit of help, an extra battery comes in handy. Not to mention that you can purchase as many batteries as you think you need.

You’ll be happy to learn that all PullzAll winches from Warn have a switch that allows you to operate the winch forward and in reverse. The speed is variable, just in case you need different rates for different jobs. That way, you are in more control, depending on what you want to do.

All 5 models from the PullzAll Series come equipped with a 15-feet steel rope. Unfortunately, there is no option for you to purchase a model that has a synthetic line. The steel rope makes the device a little bit heavier, but we all know that it’s durable and reliable.

The bottom line is that the Warn PullzAll series winches can be incredibly helpful in different settings. You can use it in your garage, in the fields, or when you want to fix a fence, and you need a helping hand. Or a hook, in this case.

The Warn 85330 Utility winch is a popular product these days. It doesn’t have an extraordinary pulling capacity, but it’s well-built and reliable. The materials used by Warn make it long-lasting, and you should get the help you need when using this model.

The reason this product stands alone in this article is that it does not belong to a particular series. Even so, people seem to buy it more and more, which is why I thought to not overlook it.

One of the best things about this model is its industrial planetary gearing and all-metal housing. All that makes this winch incredibly durable. Plus, these characteristics make it possible for you to enjoy a smooth and reliable operation.

Moreover, the 0.8 horsepower permanent magnet motor ensures that you can pull anything that weighs up to 1500 lbs. It may not seem that much, but 0.8 is pretty good for that pulling capacity. You don’t need more than that.

If you aren’t aware of the benefits of a permanent magnet motor, as opposed to a series-wound motor, know that it’s more lightweight, more compact, and more efficient. Basically, the torque is generated with the help of a powerful magnet.

The only downside of a permanent magnet motor is that such a motor overheats easily. But not the motor on this winch. Why? Because it is equipped with a vented motor end cap and externally serviceable brushes that provide the cooling the motor needs. That translates to extended run time and a long-lasting motor.

The Warn 85330 utility winch comes with a 10-foot power cord. You can use anywhere you can find a 120V AC outlet.

Overall, the 85330 winch is an excellent choice. It is potent, built to last, and the operation is smooth and reliable.

If you’re looking for something more heavy duty to mount on your truck, then one of the Warn Zeon series winches should meet your standards. With powerful motors and large pulling capacity, a Warn Zeon winch should pull you out from virtually anything.

The Zeon series does not joke. The pulling capacity depends on the model you choose, and it varies from 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. You have the in-between of 10,000 pounds.

All three models come in 2 versions: one with synthetic rope and one with steel rope. You have to make that choice according to your budget. Needless to say, the synthetic line is more expensive.

As far as the fairleads are concerned, every single model comes with one. The winches that have steel wire are equipped with roller fairleads. In contrast, the winches that have synthetic lines have aluminum hawse with a powder-coat finish.

The rope itself has different lengths. For instance, the Warn Zeon 8 and 8-S are delivered with 100 feet of wire. So is the Warn Zeon 10-S. However, all the other models have only 80 feet of rope.

Regarding the motor, all Warn Zeon winches are equipped with a 12V DC series wound motor. They indeed use more current. Still, unlike permanent magnet motors, Series wound motors are widely available, durable, and less expensive. Let’s face it. A Zeon winch is pricey enough.

The Warn Zeon winches are easy to mount. And get this. All Zeon winches, except the 12 and 12-S, have a multi-mount version available.

As for the controls, the winches have a remote switch. The cable is 12-feet long so that you can mount it wherever you think it’s more comfortable. You can install it on the winch itself, or you can mount it somewhere else. The choice is yours.

It’s also worth mentioning that Warn powder-coated the Zeon winches with a satin-black coat. The fasteners and the clutch are made of stainless steel. Not only they look amazing, but there will be no corrosion.

The drums are made of aluminum, which makes them lightweight but also inhibits wire corrosion. Plus, the IP68 rating makes these winches operable underwater. No elements can get in.

The bottom line is that the Warn Zeon winches are some of the best on the market. They are capable of pulling heavy weights, you can install them on trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, and they are built to last. You can’t be disappointed.

The Warn M8000 series is represented by two winches that have a pulling capacity of 8000 lbs. The only difference between the two is that one comes equipped with steel rope, while the other one has a synthetic line.

The pulling capacity of 8000 lbs makes these two winches perfectly suitable for your Jeep or truck. You can use it for different activities that require a powerful motor. Speaking of motors, the M8000 winches have a strong and reliable 4.8 horsepower 12V series wound motor. It consumes more battery power than a permanent magnet motor, but it’s less expensive and does not overheat as quickly.

As for the cable, both M8000 and M8000-S come with 100 feet of wire. As you can imagine, the former has a steel cable, while the latter is synthetic Spydura cable. They are both durable and long-lasting, although we all know that the synthetic one is lighter and has a longer lifespan.

Both winches in the M8000 series are equipped with an automatic direct drive cone braking system. That should give you more control during usage.

Unlike the M8000, which comes with a roller fairlead, the M8000-S has a full radius matte aluminum hawse fairlead.

Regarding the control, both models come with a remote switch that has a 12-feet lead cable. It’s durable and long enough so that you can install it wherever you think it’s more comfortable. You can leave it on the winch, but you can install it in your vehicle too.

The bottom line is that the Warn M8000 Series delivers excellent pulling capabilities. It’s enough to use it for car hauling, for instance. The construction is durable, and the operation is smooth.

If you’re looking for powersports winches, then you must take a look at the Warn Axon series. You have a choice among 6 incredibly powerful winches, all of them designed to bail you out from whatever nature puts at your disposal.

When it comes to pulling capacity, Warn Axon gives you a choice among three options. You have the Axon 35, which is more than suitable for a large ATV. The Axon 45 can be installed on a 2-seat UTV, while the Axon 55 can be used on a 4-seat UTV. So, you have 3500 lbs, 4500, and 5500 lbs.

One of the best things about the Axon winches is that the manufacturer went for an all-metal construction. Durability is not an issue. All winches are designed to last for as long as possible in the hardest conditions you may find yourself in. We all know what off-road riding can bring, and an Axon winch is ready to face that with confidence.

As far as the cables are concerned, each of the three Axon models come with steel or synthetic wires. The length is the same for all. You get 50 feet of strong and reliable wire. Of course, we all know that the Spydura synthetic cable is superior to the steel cable. Still, my guess is that you don’t have to worry about it, no matter the depth of your pockets.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Axon winches are entirely waterproof. They have an IP68 rating, which means that dust will not get anywhere near the motor, and you can operate the winch underwater. The sealing will protect the circuits and motor better than a mamma bear will protect its cub. Everything is dust and watertight.

All Axon models are equipped with a rocker bar digital control switch. However, while the Axon 35 and Axon 35-S have a handlebar adapter, the rest of the winches in this Series have a digital wired remote.

Needless to say, the Warn Axon series is what makes a Powersports enthusiast jump at the occasion of having something to bail them out from any difficult situation. Whether you are on rocky terrain or a muddy field, an Axon winch will get you out faster than you can say UTV.

The VR EVO series from Warn brings you 3 standard winches that can be installed on 2-door jeeps, ½-ton / ¾-ton/ 1-ton pickup trucks, Jeeps, large SUVs, and all types of large frame rigs. The pulling capacity goes from 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs.

As mentioned above, the pulling capacity varies depending on the model you choose. The VR EVO 8 has a pulling capacity of 8,000 pounds, the VR EVO 10 of 10,000 lbs, and the VR EVO 12 can pull up to 12,000 lbs. Simple as that.

In case you’re interested, know that each of the three models above comes with both steel ropes and synthetic wires. As you can imagine, the winches equipped with the latter are more expensive, but we all know the advantages. However, if you purchase a winch with steel wire, you can upgrade to synthetic later.

All modes from the VR EVO series are waterproof. With an IP68 rating, you can be sure that nothing can damage your circuits and motor. At that rating, you can use the winch underwater without having to stop every half hour.

One of the cool things about the VR EVO series is that all winches have a 2-in-1 remote control. What does that mean? It means that it can be used wired and wireless. So, if you want to operate the winch from a safer distance, you can just unplug it and move away.

The Warn winches in the VR EVO series are very well constructed. The manufacturer equipped the winches with powerful series-wound motors and planetary gear trains that deliver speed even under load. The motor draws fewer amps that other standard winches, but I still recommend a battery of a minimum of 650 CCA for winching.

Overall, the Warn VR EVO series winches are a great choice for car hauling, recovery, and whatever else you need pulling. As long as you follow the maximum pulling capacity, you can use these winches for anything. They are reliable, sturdy, and the manufacturer delivers the same high quality it always promises.

The winches that are in the Warn 9.5xp series aren’t that different from other winches from Warn. However, instead of the 8, 10, and 12 thousand lbs, the models in the 9.5xp series have a pulling capacity of 9,500 pounds. Rather unusual, but there’s a market for it.

In this series, there are two winches. You have the 9.5xp, which is equipped with a steel rope, and the 9.5xp-S, which has a synthetic Spydura wire. The latter is easier by almost 20 pounds, and the cable is thicker.

One of the reasons why people go for this series is that they can perform under rough conditions. Plus, they deliver the fastest line speed of any other Warn model under load. If you’re serious about those off-road rides, then one of the 9.5xp series winches can help you get out of anything. And it can do it fast.

Both models in this series have a high-output parallel series-wound motors that are known for their strength and durability. They are also equipped with Warn’s exclusive brake design that allows you to enjoy better control when winching.

The extended duty control pack that you’ll find when you purchase a 9.5xp model delivers a long duty cycle. No matter how hard the situation you are in or how demanding, these winches are going to perform beautifully. You can mount them on your SUV or truck, and off you go.

There’s much to be said about the 9.5xp series’ 3-stage planetary gear train. It’s reliable, the most efficient on the market, and more durable than any other design in existence.

My guess is that you’ll also like the fact that the winches in this series come with a remote-mounted, next-gen control box. Basically, you can install the controls wherever you want.

In case you’re looking for the beasts of winches, this category is going to blow your mind. You’’ find here some of the most powerful winches Warn ever created. With incredible pulling capacities and impeccable construction, there is nothing too difficult for the Warn heavyweight series winches.

First, there is the Warn 97740 16.5TI-S. It has an outstanding pulling capacity of 16,500 pounds, which is a lot more than the regular winches you find on the market. Needless to say, you can hook it up and pull just about anything with this monster.

Then, there is the Warn 97730 M15-S. With a pulling capacity of 15,000, you can hook it up to a large truck or Jeep and haul whatever you need hauling. You can use it as a recovery winch, hauling, for your trailer. There are few things this winch cannot do.

Lastly, there is the Warn 97720 M12-S. It has a pulling capacity of 12,000 pounds. Again, you can use this to winch whatever you want as long as it follows the maximum capacity.

All three heavyweight winches have an impressive design. As you can probably tell from their names, all of them are equipped with synthetic rope for maximum efficiency and lifespan. Plus, for the Warn 97740 16.6TI-S, the manufacturer used a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve so that the rope enjoys additional protection against wear and corrosion. It’s also worth mentioning that the line is 80 feet long for all three models.

Warn did a fantastic job when constructing these three models. They are equipped with a waterproof contactor control so that the electronic parts are always very well protected. The series-wound motors are powerful and efficient, and the cone brake braking system gives you a lot of control over winching. Not to mention that the smooth, three-stage planetary gear train delivers durability and smooth operation.

The bottom line is that Warn seems to have invested a lot of time and research and development when it comes to its heavyweight series. Durable, well-constructed, and efficient, these three products put any other product to shame.

The Warn Vantage series is a little bit older than the other winches I talked about. Even so, you have a variety of models you can choose from, the prices a bit lower, and you still get the Warn quality we like so much.

When it comes to pulling capacity, you can choose between 2000 lbs, 3000, and 4000 lbs. As you can already tell, these winches are not made for extraordinary winching capabilities. Still, for small to medium jobs, one of them is bound to satisfy your needs.

All three versions come with steel rope and synthetic rope. The wire is 50 feet long no matter the type, but the diameter of the cable differs depending on the model.

As for the motor, all winches are equipped with a 12V DC motor, but they are different when it comes to horsepower. The Vantage 2000 has a 0.9HP motor, the Vantage 3000 has a 1.1HP motor, while the Vantage 4000 delivers 1.4 horsepower.

One way of telling that this is an older series is by looking at the gear train. While the Vantage 3000 and the Vantage 4000 have the Warn 3-stage planetary gear train, the Vantage 2000 has a differential planetary gear train. You don’t see that often when looking at Warn winches.

Another thing you don’t often see at winches that are newer is the braking system in the Vantage models. The Vantage 2000 uses a dynamic gear break, while the other ones use spring as a braking system.

It’s true that not many people throw themselves to purchase Warn Vantage winches these days. Still, you get the Warn quality we all love, the durability, and the lower prices. It would be a shame to overlook these models just because they have an older design.

If you’re interested in a winch for your truck or Jeep, you may want to take a look at the Warn ProVantage series. You can choose among three of them, each with steel or synthetic rope, and the pulling capacity varies between 2,500 and 4,500 pounds.

As you are already used to, the ProVantage 2500 has a pulling capacity of 2,500 pounds, the ProVantage 3500 of 3,500 lbs, and the ProVantage 4500 can pull up to 4,500. These are not the most potent winches you can find on the market, but if you don’t have any special winching needs, one of the above should perform more than fine.

I already mentioned in the intro that each model can be purchased with either steel or synthetic wiring. The diameter of the cable differs depending on the model, but the length is the same for all. I’m talking about 50 feet of wire.

The ProVantage series comes with a more powerful motor than the Vantage series. The ProVantage 2500 has a 0.9HP motor, the ProVantage 3500 a 1.4HP motor, while the ProVantage 4500 is equipped with a 1.9HP motor.

All ProVantage winches have a 3-stage planetary gear train. Even since Warn determined that this is the most efficient, it equipped all its newest winches with it. You’ll rarely see anything else. Perhaps on the Vantage series. However, when it comes to the braking system, the ProVantage series uses roller disks. Even so, you don’t have to worry about control. You have plenty.

When you purchase a ProVantage winch, you’ll see that the fairlead (roller or hawse, depending on the rope) is included in the package. You’ll also get a mini rocker control switch with a plug for a corded remote.

The bottom line is that the Warn ProVantage series are not the most capable winches you can find, but you can use them on your 4x4 without problems. The construction is durable, the quality unquestionable, and the pulling capabilities are decent. For regular use, one of these winches should work splendidly.

By now, I talked about plenty of winches, so what makes these so special? While the pulling capacity is conventional, the reason why you may be interested in the M12000 or the M15000 is the length of the rope.

Very few winches come with a steel rope that is 125 feet long. But that is what the M12000 provides. It’s designed for heavyweights, obviously. But it comes in handy when you have to hook it to something that is farther than 50 feet, for instance.

The M15000 doesn’t have a 125-foot long wire. It’s only 90 feet. However, you won’t find many winches with this pulling capacity that have 90 feet of wire. 80 maybe, but 90 is not that common.

Both the M12000 and the M15000 are equipped with strong and durable series-wound motors. The former has a 12V 4.6HP motor, while the latter works on 12 volts as well as on 24 volts. The choice is yours. It depends on what you want to hook it to.

All you need to know about these two Warn winches is that they are ideal for heavy trucks and SUVs. Neither of them will let you down. No matter how big the pickle you find yourself in, the M12000 or the M15000 can get you out almost effortlessly. They may be older models, but you definitely have to consider them.

You should take a look at the XD9000 series in case you are interested in an M12000 or an M15000, but you need a smaller pulling capacity. Because that’s what the XD9000 series basically is. People like this series because both products in it come with a relatively longer rope than most models.

The Warn winches in the XD9000 series have a 9,000-lbs pulling capacity. However, depending on which model you go for, the XD9000 or the XD9000i, the length of the wire differs. The first one has a steel rope that is 100 feet long, while the latter comes with 125 feet. Not bad for a 9000-lbs winch.

Another defining characteristic of the XD9000 series is the speed it can operate with. Not only the line is long, but the XD9000 is one of the fastest winches on the market. It has a reliable design and Warn made sure to test it in real-life conditions. Neither of the two products will leave you hanging.

As far as the motors are concerned, both Warn XD9000 winches run on 12V and 24V. It depends on your vehicle’s battery. However, the delivered horsepower differs. You’ll get 4.6 horsepower on the 12V and 2.5HP on the 24V. We all know (I think) that the higher the voltage, the lower the current.

Both winches come with the same 3-stage planetary gear train that the manufacturer adopted for almost all its models. You’ll enjoy a smooth and easy operation. Another thing you’ll want to know is that you can control the winch using the remote control. It’s corded, but the 12 feet of cable gives you enough wiggle room.

To be honest, there’s not much I can say more about the Warn winches from the XD9000 series. They do a fantastic job. If you want, you can replace the steel cable with a synthetic wire. But overall, they perform flawlessly. Not to mention that you can use them from a very safe distance.

Last but definitely not least, we have the 9.5cti series. There are two winches in this category: the 9.5cti and the 9.5cti-S. Needless to say, that last ‘S’ there stands for synthetic rope, so you have that option if you have deeper pockets.

I would say that this series is ideal for offroaders. The pulling capacity of the winches is 9,500 lbs. However, what’s impressive about them is, again, the length of the rope. The 9.5cti has a 125-foot long steel rope, while the 9.5cti-S has a 100-foot Spydura synthetic cable. No matter what you are blocked in/on, the cord should be long enough to reach anything that you can hook on.

You might also want to know that the cable of the 9.5cti-S includes a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve. Not only will that protect the rope against wear, but it’s also supposed to add some extra protection against corrosion.

Another reason why I think these two winches are suitable for off-roaders is that they are equipped with a motor-mounted thermal sensor. Plus, the remote was re-designed so that it can withstand rough off-road conditions.

As you are already used to, Warn equipped these winches with its legendary 3-stage planetary gear train. Smooth is Warn’s middle name, apparently, as almost all its products are equipped with this kind of gear train. The manufacturer uses automatic mechanical brake cones for these winches as well so that you are in full control during usage.

I also want to mention that Warn gives you a multi-mount option for the 9.5cti. The receiver lets you mount your winch in any standard class III/2 inches receiver hitch. You can move the device from the front of your vehicle to the back if you want. But please remember that this option is available only for the 9.5cti and not for the 9.5cti-S.

In general, the Warn winches in the 9.5cti series perform very well. With a decent pulling capacity of 9,500 pounds and the usual Warn durable construction, these two winches are worthy of your consideration.


If you reached this far, I must commend your efforts. You actually want to find the best Warn winch that can satisfy your needs. As you can see, as a brand, Warn is definitely taking its job seriously.

I really wish I hadn’t had to write this novel but Warn is a serious manufacturer whose goal is to please as many customers as possible. And what’s one way to do that? Built one for everyone, apparently. Because that’s precisely what Warn did. It took all the winch-related needs and created a product for each of them.

The good part is that it worked. I don’t know if you read enough about Warn and its products, but the customers are more than satisfied with their purchases. All models are durable, very well constructed, incredibly potent when they need to be, and everything is of the highest quality.

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